First, a summary…

We specialize in the creation of websites, SEO and the provision of web content. We design your website to meet the goals of your company: increase your revenue, generate incoming traffic, convert, visitors to buyers, etc. As web site designers for more than 15 years, we will ensure that your website is a success!

We create functional, modern, robust websites

Our sites are designed with an easy-to-use administration space, are optimized for natural search engine ranking, and are responsive and mobile-friendly.

A website plays a vital role in the promotion of a company, individual or organization… its objective is to inform, raise awareness and acquire new business. For a variety of reasons, more than 85% of websites do not reach their goals and will end up like the vast majority of sites, just floating idly on the web.

A professional website

website-designA professionally produced website projects your company’s brand and image and generates more qualified traffic because it addresses the problems that your clients want to resolve. When we design your site, our goal is to deliver a significant return on your investment and to increase your revenue. Our role as the designer is to understand your business and to develop a website that will speak specifically to your target audience and to convert your visitors into buyers.


Regular updating of the site

The work is not finished when the site goes live; it should be updated periodically to improve content, add news items, create content that will both attract your visitors’ interest and maintain your position in the search engines. Our agency implements content creation strategies that enable your site to be regularly updated. You just have to validate your content and watch your traffic and rankings improve.

WordPress + Divi

Your website should not be static; it should evolve according to your needs. Your site will be tailor-made with the world’s number 1 content management system: WordPress. We complement this with the Divi framework and themes, to offer you the best technical solution. Thanks to this pairing, your website will be robust, perennial, and innovative.

Effective on-site SEO

web-site-developerThe success of a website can only be judged by the traffic it generates. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is: if it doesn’t consistently deliver qualified customers, it is not doing its job. Our proprietary methodology for website development, coupled with our years of experience, ensures that your site is optimized to rank in the search engines and to take advantage of the organic traffic available. To obtain the optimum results, we suggest that the website design is complemented with a search engine optimization campaign. That will outclass your competitors and often delivers an ROI of 10x or better!

Workflow Methodology

The development of a professional website requires an investment in time from both the business owner and the web design agency. The project is built step-by-step in collaboration, usually consisting of some or all of the following stages:

  1. Define the project brief, including scope and timeline.
  2. Establish measurable objectives and goals for the website.
  3. Define the target audience, demographics, age, gender, etc.
  4. Describe users’ goals, problems and how the site will meet them.
  5. Prepare Information Architecture design/content map.
  6. Wireframe prototyping – to demonstrate how the pages will look.
  7. Sign off on final website design.
  8. Collect images and write/migrate content.
  9. Design and develop the website on an offline server.
  10. Usability testing.
  11. Transfer to live server.
  12. Sign off on the completed website.

The relationship between the client and the web agency is a major factor in the success of the project. Our participatory methodology allows us to be closer to our customers and better understand their needs. Knowledge of the professional environment and our clients’ businesses, the tools and the strategies used allows our web agency to propose solutions that perfectly meet your expectations.

Advantage and benefits of our service

Beyond a detailed understanding of the latest design technology and current best practice, our web design agency takes care of the technical processes such as domain name registration, DNS setup, email creation, hosting, and training in updating the website, as required. You will receive regular updates on progress so that you are always aware of any issues that arise, or times when your input is required.