How much does SEO cost?

This is a question that most business owners want to ask: it’s natural to want to know what level of investment will be needed to get improved search engine rankings, but the truth of the matter is that it is only possible to answer the questions after a detailed review of your website and the completion of our review request form. The review lets us see what needs improvement, and the completed form tells us what you want to achieve and puts it in the overall context of your business.

What we can say is that the return on investment is often 10x or more, but if we don’t feel that it is worth you investing in SEO, we will tell you so, upfront.

cost of seo

The cost will also be influenced by the size of your website: a simple site of 10 to 15 pages will be faster and less complex to optimize than a site of 50 to 10 pages. The cost of SEO will also depend on the nature of your site. It is more complicated to optimize an e-commerce website with all the product and category pages, than a traditional business site.

A further variable that can influence the cost of search engine optimization is the nature of your industry and business. The level of competition in the industry and the effectiveness of your competitors’ sites will impact the difficulty of ranking your website and, therefore, the cost of the project. And, if your business is primarily local, it will usually be easier, and less expensive, to rank for your chosen keywords than if you are trying to compete on a national level.

One thing is certain, any agency that offers a cheap service, or promises results in a short timescale, should be regarded with suspicion.  As the old saying goes, you can have fast, cheap or good…pick any two, but you can’t have all three!